Markus - a Free, Open Source Grades Application for Schools

Markus was a very ambitious Open Source project. We knew from our experience at Corozal Community College and Corozal Junior College, and in discussions with others involved with Belize education, that schools in Belize needed a free program to help with grades, report cards, and transcripts. So we proceeded to do one. There may even be a few schools still using it, but it failed to gain widespread use. We will comment on it on the following pages.

Summary:Three or four years ago [actually, about 2003] we found no suitable open source, free programs to produce transcripts, progress reports, and other reports for schools. After well over three thousand person-hours of development, we are now in production. This is a demonstration of the Markus school database program.


The primary purpose of this presentation is to explore an Open Source project for programmers, administrators, accountants, teachers, and others to get a better idea of what Open Source is.


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