Software Freedom Day

This is another historical section. Nothing has been changed since before the event, in 2007.

Software Freedom Day 2007

The Belize Software Freedom Day team is gearing up for a big event in Belize City on September 15-16, 2007. There will be a Software Freedom Day booth at the annual Belize Chamber of Commerce Expo at St. John’s College Gymnasium. This event is held the week-end before Independence Day in Belize, and the date for Software Freedom Day is September 15, so the timing is just perfect! In addition to the usual September Celebrations in the country of Belize, SFD Belize is adding the celebration of freedom in software use!

Check out the Software Freedom Day website for much more information about Software Freedom Day. And here is the Belize page .

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SFD will be located close to the entrance to the gymnasium. Click on the image to the left to get a better view. They say the gymnasium is hot during this event (there will be fans at the booth), so wear something cool and bring your water bottle!

There will be team members on hand to demonstrate free/libre/open source software, including servers, networking, internet usage, office applications (word processors, spreadsheets, presentation programs) graphics applications, and many others. You can be shown how to "test drive" a Linux distribution. Look for the lime green t-shirts! We are proud to say our shirts were printed right in Corozal.

Ubuntu will be demonstrated, which has been developed so that the everyday computer user will have a good open source operating system that is easy to use. You can use a "live CD" which will allow you to see how the system works on your computer without touching the system and the programs you have. Ubuntu CDs will be available, which you can later install if you like it. There are also many programs which are FLOSS and are available for your Windows computer. CDs for these programs will also be available. There will be a limited number of these to give away.

Judy Wilson, the team leader, was invited to serve on the Software Freedom International Board for a year as a team representative. As a result, she was able to be the first to register a team for 2007, and Belize was first on the map! There are now over 300 teams registered world wide.

Local Sponsors

SFD Belize is still building their team, composed of both individual and organizational sponsors. is the major sponsor, and already onboard are Corozal Community College, Corozal Junior College, Eden S.D.A. High School, St. Ignatius High School, Escuela Secundaria Tecnica, and Far World Tech. Others who wish to participate are welcome. You can contribute as little as $100 BZ. It’s less for individuals. For details about how to participate, email the team leader [No longer serves in that capacity].


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